Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Sorcerer's Wands


As a part of the Month of Epcot, I would like to introduce the Sorcerer's Wand Awards. These are special awards that I will present to the best parts of Epcot. Think of it as the Oscars, but better because it's for Epcot. I know it's weird that I would pick such a hated symbol as the basis for an Epcot award, but I do so with good reason. Sorcerer Mickey not only represents the Imagineers, but the creativity, imagination, and curiosity that founded Epcot. The judging will be based on popularity, longevity, quality, and my own personal experiences. Here are the categories.

-Best Original Character

-Best Ride Vehicle

-Outstanding Art Direction

-Best Costume Design

-Outstanding Culinary Performance

-Best Show

-Best Overall Pavilion

-Best Attraction

Stay tuned and feel free to post your suggestions and/or ideas for awards here. Have a magical day!

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