Monday, March 21, 2011

Mickey's Starland Show

Instead of taking a look at Epcot today, I thought we'd take a much different trip. It's time to bust out the Wayback Machine here at the My Park, My Rides Blog.

The year is 1995. We're at the Magic Kingdom. This is a different Magic Kingdom, though. Before the New Fantasyland, and even before Mickey's Toontown Fair, there was Mickey's Starland. This 5 year old land is what became of the temporary Mickey's Birthdayland which opened in 1988.

One of the centerpieces of the land was Mickey's Starland Show. The show featured everyone's favorite stars from the Disney Afternoon cartoons. The show was a lot of fun and looking back it just screams 90s. Excuse the quality, after all it is 16 years old. The very beginning is missing and some bits and pieces are choppy, but most of the show is there. Enjoy!

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