Sunday, March 20, 2011

Best Overall Pavilion

This is one award that I'm going to have to cheat on. When thinking about what Epcot pavilion deserves this award, I tried my best to think of a current one that was deserving. Unfortunately, I couldn't get one past one out of my mind. So, the Sorcerer's Wand for Best Overall Pavilion goes to...

Could the Wand have gone to anything else? Horizons WAS Epcot. It was the integral attraction that showcased the scope and vision of the park (The park the way it was meant to be, at least). It's motto "If we can dream it, then we can do it" was something that inspired millions of park guests. Horizons promised a better future that people could believe in. It was as innovative as it was inspiring. I think it is probably the most spectacular audio-animatronic ride I have ever seen. It certainly is the most impressive ride in Epcot's history.

Do you guys agree?


  1. Never experienced Horizons, so I have to vote for The Land.

  2. I feel so cheated that I never got to ride Horizons.

  3. Thanks for reading Melissa! And that's why we should be so thankful for Youtube haha

  4. I was actuallt ticked when the attraction was removed. It was a classic that only needed periodic updates to remain fresh. Imagine that ride with all the new technologies they currently have at their disposal. Leaving that ride in would have kept Future World an easy to digest concept for new guests. With Horizons and World of Motion gone, two easily updatable attractions that could be enjoyed by the ENTIRE family changed the flavor of Future World for the worse. My 30 year old son went to the Imagination Pavillion and was stunned that his favorite childhood attraction was ruined beyond comprehension. He told me he now hated EPCOT. I'd be the first to say they have a handfull of good attractions there. But Eisner and the penny pinchers ran a great themepark concept into the ground. Then they left the company with millions and millions in their pockets as lower level employees had every possible benefit stripped away. The last time I was there, I saw way too much trash littered around the property and the monorail smelled of mildew. If Walt were alive today, heads would roll. The Fantasyland expansion is a step in the right direction. I hope they stay in that direction. It will insure their financial future by giving guests the experience Walt wanted them to have.