Thursday, March 17, 2011

Best Show

It's time for another Sorcerer's Wand!! This award is one that needs no explanation. In fact it has none. It's something you have to see to believe. So I present to you, the winner of the Sorcerer's Wand for Best Show. 

1 comment:

  1. Love the show...don't get me wrong. However, it needs to DIE! WDW has been stuck in a rut of not changing anything for years and it needs to end. How long has "Wishes" been playing? Over 7 least. Spectromagic and now bringing back the electrical Parade. CHANGE THINGS UP. If you've been to the Tokyo resort, you'd see exactly why change is awesome. They have freakin' parades for every Season of the year and they change them almost EVERY music scores, themes, costuming, you name it. Dreamlights is the best Disney night time show next to WOC IMHO and they even updated that recently with some mind numbing new tech and floats. I love Illuminations to death but I'm just sick and tired of it. The lagoon can lend itself to another amazing show with amazing pyro and a new amazing score. Would be nice wouldn't it? I'm not holding my breathe as Future World sits there still looking like a 1970's community college campus and there's not an ounce of Imagination in said pavilion. What key aspect was the entire Disney Co. founded upon, again? Annnd, that's how the company showcases it? FAIL