Saturday, April 17, 2010

The ACTUAL Universe of Engery

Next up on our revitalization tour of Epcot's Future World is the Universe of Energy. First off, I must admit that that Ellen's Energy Adventure can sometimes be a guilty pleasure of mine. It has a decent story, and the animatronics can be impressive. However, the ride is far outdated and can use a new theme to make the area fresh.

 My idea is to create an actual universe of energy. This pavilion would showcase many of the different types of energy and their numerous implementations. The current pavilion would be bulldozed and a more spacious building would be constructed. The building would be shaped as the base of a cone, with a flat roof that was covered with solar panels. On the sides of the building, fiber optic lights would be interwoven against the black walls in a similar fashion to the old finale of Spaceship Earth. The inside of the building would be a sort of city of energy. The pathways would have a hub and spoke design with the central area containing a giant water fountain. This would be a unique water fountain because it would also be a perpetual motion device that seemingly conserved all its energy and needed none to operate.

All around the pavilion there would be small exhibits and demonstrations showcasing the latest technology and green energy. Since these would be small booths, it would be easy to change them and not affect the normal operation at the pavilion. This would be the most informative part of the pavilion and be located between the different attractions.

The most intense ride in the pavilion would be the one concerning kinetic energy. Guests would enter the queue designed to look like a giant warehouse full of old arcade games. As you walked through, the games would get bigger and include giant playable games for the guests. Finally you would arrive in the game testing room. It turns out you have been hired as new game testers. After your new manager explains how the game works he will explain how kinetic energy is conserved and allows your ball to keep moving. Then guests will move into the loading area where they will find their cars. Cars will fit 4 people and be made to look like stainless steel. The coaster will begin with a launch sequence made to simulate the ball being launched into the game. This will be followed by a sharp turn to the left and the guest will enter the game. When the car turns buzzers and lights will go off and it will seem as if the guests are ricocheting off a bumper. Backwards sections could also be incorporated for the same affect. Finally the ride would end with the guests seeing a high score billboard flash on and off followed by entering a dark room thus ending the game.

The other staple attraction of the pavilion would revolve around chemical energy. This would be the D ticket of the pavilion. It would be an imax type movie shot in 3D. The story would follow a young protester who is strongly against chemical energy, specifically nuclear types. We would follow him and a group of his friends as they try and break into a chemical plant. But as they do they run into a professor from their university who also works at the plant. He explains to them the benefits of this energy and how safe the plant is. While he is doing so, one of the more rebellious students sneaks away and falls off of a catwalk. The rest of the movie would show the search for the other student. If a good plot is developed, this movie would be a great way to introduce people to the background of chemical energy.

There would be one more attraction in the pavilion. It would be a small simulator ride that was about electric energy. It would be a row of small cars, each fitting about 8 people. The ride would take guests on an adventure through a circuit board and on other similar trips that electrical energy takes. Of course like all good pavilions there would be a counter service food station, and a small gift shop selling UNIQUE souvenirs.

What would I name this new place in future world? Well I personally think the Epcot Energy Exhibition has a nice ring to it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

World of Color

Here is a very long video of testing for the new World of Color show in DCA. I really cannot wait to see this show in action. It is setting up to be the biggest show in Imagineering history. Great Story + Great Visuals+ Great Music=Amazing Show.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Small World

This is a classic clip from way back, even hosted by Uncle Walt himself. Specifically, it talks about Small World being added to Disneyland on its 10th Anniversary. I believe this is the kind of marketing Disney needs right now. Bob Iger should become a household figure, someone guests can have a personal connection to. With specials like this, Disney can create even more interest in their parks. And adding a quality attraction like Small World wouldn't hurt either...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Blue Sky Cellar

This is just an awesome video. It is from the Blue Sky Cellar in Disney's California Adventure. There are so many views of models and concept drawings for the huge refurbishment to the park. It has a great walk-through of all the new rides and changes. My personal favorite is Cars Land. It's one of my favorite Pixar movies and I think it definitly deserves its own land. The Radiator Springs Racers attraction sounds amazing and the floating tire attraction with Luigi should be a lot of fun for kids. The new Little Mermaid attraction can't be forgotten either. I'm so glad Imagineers are putting so much time and attention into a new dark ride. Hopefully they can create another timeless and classic attraction.

First up this year, however, is the Wonderful World of Color. The Imagineers are pulling out all this stops for this new, spectacular nighttime water show. Here is a great preview of the show. Imagineer Steve Davison goes through all the special effects and animation used in the show. (Spoiler Alert!)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Official WDI Video

Here's another video about the Walt Disney Company's greatest assets, the Imagineers. This is an official clip put together by the Disney Parks Channel on Youtube. It has some cool behind the scenes footage and some great perspective on how and why they do their work.