Monday, February 1, 2010

Buddy Cop

My first idea for a show would take place in the Disney Hollywood Studios. It would be a mix of a stunt show and an interactive studio tour. The show would chronicle the history of famous Buddy Cop movies and how they were made. That background information would be displayed in an interactive queue outside the attraction.

From there, the guests would be introduced to their own veteran detective. He would be the typical older cop in all of the example movies. Our detective would announce to the group of new recruits that only one of them could become his new partner. The guests would be taken through several training games including a laser gun battle, a crime scene investigation, and a high speed police chase. A winner would be chosen from each small group.

The rest of the groups would be lead into a large theater to watch all of the new pairs of cops compete in a competition to find the best pair. The guest that wins the competition could be given a special souvenir detective badge. I think this type of experience would bring guest interaction to a new level. It also explores an area of Hollywood films that is not covered in the park.

A Journey Through Time

Before I get into my first idea, I feel I should mention that I love WDW above all theme parks. I've been there over 15 times, and most of my posts will center around it.

So my first idea will be placed in one of my favorite, but I feel most neglected areas of the Magic Kingdom in WDW, Tomorrowland. This ride would be called A Journey Through Time. It would showcase Dr. Stephen Dickenson's newest creation, a time traveling rocket. I have a special kind of ride vehicle in mind for this creation. I imagine this being a mix of a intense dark ride, and a steel tube rollercoaster. I imagine an 8 person car, all passengers faced front to back, with enhanced motion technology. I believe this would add an extra effect to turns and drops and allow for a unique experience for time travel segments.

Guest would enter the Doctor's laboratory an walk by an exhibit of his past failed inventions. Then they would enter their cars and a large group of them would a screening room where a film would be seen showing Dr. Dickenson explaining his latest creation. During his explanation, his assistant Bobby Faraday ignores the doctor's warning's an accidentally sets of the time machine. This would take him and the guests on a wild adventure through time all while trying to find Dr. Dickenson.

Scenes could include a medieval castle, a baroque art and music festival, a colonial American town, a depression era city, a war protest of the 1970s, and a computer lab of the modern era. All of these scenes would be equipped with a delicate combination of projections and audio-animatronic figures. Guests would move through them like a normal dark ride, and go through a series of drops and turns during time travel segments. Effects like black lighting, strobe lights, led flashes, and smoke could also be used for time travel.

I believe this type of ride would revolution the theme park would and reinvigorate the use of robotic features. It would make guest once again fascinated by the use of audio-animatronics and create a new type of park storytelling. While it may be intricate in design and operation, I believe the output would be absolutely thrilling.

It Is...

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my new Blog. As a theme park lover, I find myself constantly dreaming of bigger and better rides. Anything from a new rollercoaster to a killer dark ride can come across my mind. Now I know no ones ideas are perfect, but I thought it'd be fun to share some of mine with you. So sit back, relax, and keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the blog at all times.